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WildStar Beta Initial Takes

Posted by blcksb on March 22, 2014 at 4:40 AM

So after several hours, my initial reactions to WildStar through the beta are: Mixed but overall positive.


There are some obvious flaws in the game that most new MMO's experience. The big one is bad server lag. I simply think stress testing will fix most of the problems and its not like ESO bad which was atrocious, but its enough to have me disconnected several times but quickly back in.


2. Some quests have a tendency to either not spawn mobs, or a specific kill target won't spawn in until a relog, again some minor fixing and it should be fine, but the big one is just turning in a quest and it won't turn in, It's happened several times but again a relog fixes it. Quests are standard MMO fair, Pick it up, Go Kill X amount of X/Collect Y amount of Y, Turn in, get rewards.


3. The path system the game utilizes, I am a Spellslinger Explorer and unfortunately there does not seem to be the places where you are supposed to place beacons, or flares or so on and no relogs fixed this which implies that while the foundation of the Explorer path is there, its not actually finished, im not sure about the other 3 which are Soldier, Settler, and Scientist (heh all S's) so my knowledge on them is a moot point. BUT it is really fun and keeps the player engaged more in the world.


4. There is NO graphical optimization, I am not running the all time greatest rig but when its giving me 5 FPS in a zone with little to no mobs walking around, ya got a problem that not even FFXIV:ARR gave me. Hell ESO didnt even give me that bad of a Frame rate, Carbine have said they are working on optimization features for Nvidia and AMD cards and drivers but said those are a bit off, so at the moment the game possesses frame rate problems.


Now for a few positives as the negatives are more or less fixable and are being adressed, along with the 2.0 UI


5. Character customization is pretty in depth, I think some of the presets need work but overall its pretty good. But the presets are good for altering what basic look you want, its not Skyrim depth but its good for the discerning person who wants a bit more unique approach unlike WoW does.


6. The combat, OH this is fun! Now some may not like the telegraph system BUT! They can be turned off and its fun, I think I havent had this much fun with combat since ESO, which possibly its the best MMO combat system. The combat is heavy on dodging and movement and it keeps it exciting, stand in an enemy telegraph and dont move? Your gonna take a fuckload of damage. Stand in fire literally will kill you in this even worse than WoW.


7. I honestly like the cartoony graphics, it adds character in an age of blur and realism trumping what games are, escapist art. The color palette is amazing, it seems they've gone for every color within the known spectrum and did it right.


8. The choice of races are really good, although I have a gripe with the Exile Humans and Cassians, Cassians are Human, they are The Dominion's Human, Exiles have humans, I do not KNOW the reasoning for this but still. The Exiles have the aforementioned humans, Mordresh: A race of scientists with a disease called The Contagion that is rotting their flesh off, Aurin: A small race of forest dwellers whose homeworld was ravaged by the Dominion. Granok: A race of rock people who like to drink.

The Dominion has the stated Cassians, Mechari: Created by the lost Eldan race they help the Cassians control the Dominion with an iron fist instilled by the Eldar, Draken: A savage feral race of manbeasts that the Dominion uses as frontline troops, and The Chuah: A small rabbit like race of insane sociopathic psychotic inventors who blow stuff up. Each race can choose from the classes, some such as the Aurin can't be certain classes, but there is no stat bonus for choosing one race over another, just a class base.


9. The game has a nice variety of skills and support for all classes, every class can do two of the 3 roles, Tank, DPS or Heal. Warriors can Tank or DPS and use giant swords and an arm blaster, Spellslingers can Heal or do DPS with magically enhanced magpistols, Espers can Heal or DPS with their psychic powers, Medic can (of course) heal or DPS but use their paddles to deal damage or heal, Stalker which can tank or DPS and use two fist weapons with fast savage strikes, and the Engineer which can Tank or DPS with ranged weapons and robots they create.


10. The world is fully pervasive, I noticed while in a quest that required me to take out some Dominion anti-air cannons (I chose an Exile Human Spellslinger) I logged out to grab a drink and the cannons I took out were still destroyed, and some places I blew up were still destroyed, this adds a layer of more fun which says "You kicked the Dominions ass? WAY TO GO! Look at the carnage!"


11. The announcer who yells swear words whenever you gain a level.


12. While the game is a bit serious, it possesses a great amount of humor once you get off the starting area which is a ship for the Exiles.


Overall with some fixes I think WildStar will be successful, unfortunately in this day of MMO overload with WoW still the dominant market share, there are some MMO's that do retain a sense of adventure and wonder. FFXIV got me out of my MMO slump, and with over 2 million players its quickly gaining fast especially since the relaunch, and as long as WildStar's developer Carbine keeps to their code (being the 17 man studio are all ex-Blizzard lead Vanilla WoW and BC designers) it should be good, also the introduction of 40 man raiding will be fun again. Also the game is no longer under NDA so I can post this information and this photo of Cadeyrn, my Spellslinger!

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