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An Idea for a modern Adventure Game

Posted by blcksb on September 2, 2013 at 3:05 PM

So, I've killed Buck in Far Cry 3, his missions were AWESOME! Why don’t we have a treasure hunting series like those missions?! Your an independent global trekking treasure hunter whose contracted by some shady guys to find some Mayan or whatever artifacts So you go across the globe and such but everything is done in a first person perspective and guns are used as a last resort option if combat occurs. You delve into ruins built underground no one EVER knew about except for the said builders, and adventure takes place I mean if executed like the ones trying to find the knife in Far Cry 3 then THATS a game totally worth my time A modern version of the Adventure Game basically, those are far and few between just update them for a modern crowd it will take off I’m sure some of you will compare it to Uncharted but there is minimal in the ways of combat, almost to the point of none at all. A gun in the game is essentially another tool to use in the game, got to get through a tunnel to high up but there's a makeshift dam holding water back? Use your pistol to shoot the support beams off it and the water level rises With the water level raised up you can now go into the tunnel and search for what item you were trying to find. Its really just an adventure game with puzzles done in a first person setting around the globe, whats not to like? Some people might not like the fact there is no real combat, but its like reading a book, its the thrill of experiencing the adventure Id rather indulge in a game like I'm talking about than another fucking FPS Call of Shitty or Battlefield.


The game market is so over saturated with shooters, and action games that a real adventure game is missed First person perspective, you ARE the protagonist, get the option as a man or woman, you go and find lost treasures. The conflict is this man wants this one item and you've heard of him from somewhere seedy but do it as the money is right, So you travel throughout the world to the ruins of ancient civilizations to try to find the item to find out a bigger conspiracy going on In this you also find other civilizations that seemingly just disappeared that no one knew about, so you end up marking them down And once you figure out the conspiracy you essentially get a second game in where you can investigate these civilizations. Each one is a stand alone story arc that was connected to the main arc, so you can only do one at a time but its a massive world Some ruins have only a small temple at top but going underground you find just a huge city that no one had any idea existed let alone built. Its a game idea that some would enjoy, just a simple game with the pure thrill of exploring ruins, no heavy combat, and awesome puzzles I would definitely pay top dollar for a game like that, also NO DLC, that would cheapen the idea of it "Get the Dragon King's Tomb DLC TODAY!" No, if anything include it in the game or put it in a sequel. I would also LOVE to see some stuff in it like Atlantis legends and stuff, I've always liked stories of lost cities like that, And yes there would be some paranormal/supernatural aspects to it considering its about treasure hunting, nothing to heavy though. Just, let the idea sink in, you'd totally play that game, also it doesn't portray guns as bad, just as a tool to use to help you along

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