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The Declaration of Indifference

Posted by blcksb on June 14, 2013 at 2:00 PM

So this E3 had an amazing amount of butthurt for Microsoft fans, mostly due to the Online requirement, non-backwards compatible and the used games idea. People focused so much on these three incredibly minute details that were blown out of obscene proportion, the people freaking out on the internet thing mainly offered hypothetical's rather than actual scenarios (which to be fair im sure there are a fair amount). Now I will say the following regarding the online only thing (I don't ever buy used games on principle due to possible duds) it is not that a big of a deal people are making it out to be.


If your current 360 console is [b]actively connected to the internet all the time[/b], is used for Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime, YouTube, the web browser, various apps and such then [b]how will the Xbox One's current Online Only idea fucking change anything?[/b] It won't these "worriers" are acting at the behest of other's when they should not its a small price to the fact that Microsoft should think that its at the point where everyone who owns a 360 may already do those said practices, I am in agreement that they should wait a bit longer but I can see from an innovative stand point where they want to go. Is innovation really a bad thing? To the detractors yes it is, to me it is not, we have not come to where we are on a technological level without innovation that's met with negative reactions.


The backwards compatibility issue is automatically null if you honestly fucking grew up in the 90's during the Sega/Nintento/TurboGrafx16 wars. The Super Nintendo did not have the ability to play NES games, the Genesis did not have the ability to do Master System games, and the TurboGrafx16 I referenced because it was also cartridge based. Nintendo have always maintained an idea about them of "New Console, New Games" instead of worrying about the older console they focused on a new one, the N64 (The master of the 90's consoles) did not worry about NES/SNES games, and the Sega Saturn did not worry about Master System/Genesis games due to it was FUCKING CD BASED. [b]Those complaining about backwards compatibility are spoiled so deserve no voice to me.[/b]


I don't get used games on principle due to the discs not working, I buy new games discounted only if I am heavily on the fence about it, if its a new one that I have no qualms about I do a cost/benefit idea of investment to see if I will get heavy replay, a good amount of hours, good story the essentials, if multiplayer is good then its a plus, I never get games with strict multiplayer in mind unless its like a Rockstar game where all those are fun to play. I know of friends who only buy used to save some cash but at the same time they realize its still a risk to take if the game disc doesnt work, some scratches cant be buffed out easily.


I finish up with this. In order for your complaints and whines to be made full actually play a console when it launches [b]THEN FUCKING COMPARE THEM YOURSELVES![/b] Don't just get a PS4 and claim its better when you vehemently fight against the Xbox One and refuse to try it. You jump on one thing and ride it all along, its reached the point of "Oh its on Xbox One, it wont be good at all" How will that feel if said console exclusive takes home all the GoTY awards and you kick yourself? I did the same issues to the Wii until I got rid of it but then the releases got immensely good and now I kick myself over it, I understand some peoples anger but if you decided not to actually message Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo/Any Other Potential Console Maker then the changes wont be done, so you in essence don't help the problem, you exacerbate the problem you say they don't hear you but its because you force yourself to not be heard, you doing that is like the current political climate, you scream about not being heard but you yourself choose not to do anything about it.


Complacency in arrogance is your faults.


Your Karmageddon provided by: Me


Addendum: If you still own your classic consoles how keeping your 360/PS3 be any different?

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