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Top Albums of 2013

Posted by blcksb on December 17, 2013 at 2:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Well its that time of the year again....what time is it?


ANYWAY! Its December of 2013 and that MEANS....BEST OF FUCKING LISTS!!!!!!!!!!1111ONE


For this one I will write about the Top Albums of 2013 I Have Listened To, there is some variety...or not as I hate most anything not rock or metal but anyway LETS DIVE RIGHT THE FUCK IN!


1. The Next Day – David Bowie

Holy man titties is this quite possibly the best record of the year, David Bowie made a new record after a 10 year gap. To be honest I had quite given up on ever hearing new Bowie material but I was gladly surprised when on his 66th birthday he announced his new album will be out in March, of course being a weird young man who obsesses over certain bands and artists I was mouth frothing. How is the music? Its David Bowie who has mellowed out yet still has a major rocking sense about him, the whole album is killer from start to end with no filler and you know your album is off to a good start when the opening track kicks you in the balls and fucks your girlfriend and you recover and you say to yourself “I'm ok with this”.


2. The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here – Alice in Chains

Alice in Chains have, even when I was a kid in the 90's, been one of those bands that have always possessed a solid sound and tone. When Layne Staley passed away due to a drug over dose many thought the band was done but back in 2009 Jerry Cantrell and friends united with vocalist William Duvall and recorded Black Gives Way to Blue which is a master of comeback records anyone could do. Skip ahead almost 4 years and the band have given us another solid entry of downer rock and metal (Jerry Cantrell has said AIC were a metal band) and what are we given? 12 tracks of fucking killer material.


3. Kingdom of Conspiracy – Immolation

Its no surprise I find a vast majority of modern death metal either attempting to sound like the original big bands, or are “-core” band which should die in a fire (a fire made of acid and Bieber records!). Immolation are one of the original giants of the New York death scene of the late 80's and are usually resigned to secondary place against the other big guys Suffocation, but always stood out more as they were not afraid to write about social issues in the world (much like Chuck Schuldiner did with Death). Cut to 2013 and Immolation release a new album, this one though does not feature the bands standard anti-religious lyrics but instead creating an album about tyranny and corruption with a story based on George Orwell's 1984 and possessing a far more cynical and pessimistic theme about what can happen if people choose not to wake up and let whats happening continue until we are at the mercy of the few in charge.


4. Strawberries and Cream – Ninja Sex Party


Ok, ill get flak for this as NSP are a joke band...BUT these two guys (Dan Avidan aka Danny Sexbang, and Brian Wecht aka Ninja Brian) are actually a great combo and write some killer, albeit silly, tunes. Danny is the singer and is Jewish (a fact he proudly espouses) while Ninja Brian is a psychopathic murderous ninja (with 15,000 murders to his name) who makes all the actual music. From songs about their legendary best friendship, to songs about failed parties, masturbating to loved ones, and wanting to F your A there are man clever hooks, great vocal melodies and the Ultimate Sandwich.


5. Preachers Of the Night – Powerwolf


Powerwolf are a German power metal band based out of KEINHOLDERSKOMPF! (Actually Saarbrucken) and...they write about werewolves, vampires, dark fantasy, and blood and zombies and sex and religion and evil and kick major ass. Most will see their lyrical themes and tell me that’s not very Power Metal...well blow me. This is a really killer record with the hard hitting opener “Amen & Attack” we are given the bands blend of religious metaphor with a horror movie approach over a grand operatic musical style...oh and vocalist Attila Dorn is a former singer in the German opera so YES! After “Amen” we are given a full bevy of killer songs until we hit the slump, yes this record loses its steam quickly after the track “Cardinal Sin” (lol I saw what they did there). The album is 11 songs long and really 8 of those are truly killer tracks, in the slump the two tracks that stand out are “Nochnoi Dozor” and “Exatum Et Oratum” The band has a fondness for Latin verses and choirs and from what I was told its all correctly said. So minus the 3 bad songs this is a killer record that should have been kept at 8 tracks BUT HEY THATS WHAT THE SKIP BUTTON IS FOR!


6. Infestissumam – Ghost B.C.


Ahh yes, here are these Satanic bastards now. I've spoken about these guys throughout the year and I cant really say much more on them, I will say that these guys have really managed to create one really catchy fucking record and considering the lyrical themes that’s saying a lot, if you want a more in depth look at the record here is a link to the album review on my own webpage http://the1cedguardian.webs.com/apps/blog/show/31521438-ghost-b-c-infesstisumam


7. Swallowed By the Ocean's Tide – Sulphur Aeon


OK these guys no one has really heard about to my immediate knowledge as they are only a couple years old but they are a death metal band based out of Germany (I like Germans) and they write about and are influenced by H.P. Lovecrafts works and that’s cool in my book (I don’t have one). What sets this band apart from other death metal bands with a Lovecraft influence? The music, the band has a very heavy guitar tone that’s really crunchy but their riffs possess a melody I've not really heard played before but they have a very aquatic tone that’s incredibly suffocating but also a joy to hear. The vocals are delivered very well with a mixture of standard death growls and some black metal esque screams but nothing over the top like Anaal Nathrakh, the drums are buried a bit but definitely are being handled by one competent guy.


8. Mysterium – Manilla Road


AHH YEA! Manilla Road are one of my favorite fucking bands, they have been going strong since 1977 and even though Mark Shelton is pushing close to 60 he still can fucking lay down some killer songs. Now if you are familiar with the band you know they have had an incredibly inconsistent production sound with nothing ever sounding a like. At it's worse listen to Atlantis Rising (which is just a noise of feedback disguised as production) to their best which is this album. Mark has always written about dark history, fantasy, Norse mythology, and stories and even a whole album based on Edgar Allan Poe's works (Mystification which is their best album in my opinion). How does Mysterium stack up to 36 years of material? Very well actually, the album from start to finish is a solid slab of American Epic Metal from its master. The album slumps towards the end with two songs and they are “Do What Thou Will” and “The Calling”, we are also given an incredibly rare treat an all acoustic song sung by Mark Shelton called The Fountain which has a very country sound and introspective lyrics, and is without a doubt the best song on the album.


9. Halo of Blood – Children of Bodom


Now I know what your thinking “CoB released a good album post 2005?! SORCERY!” Yes they have, after a slump of 8 years they are back with album that actually sounds like fucking effort was put into it. What are we given? A band harkening back to its glory days all the while retaining a more matured aspect about itself. All the songs from start to finish kick major ass with “Scream For Silence” standing out the most.


And at last number 10!


10. Surgical Steel – Carcass


The fathers of goregrind return with their first album of new material in...a lot of years (Hey I'm not a genius) and how does it sound? Like they never went away, while the melodic death metal sound is still present there are a lot more throwbacks to stuff like Corporal Jigsore Quandry than No Love Lost. The beasts are back and ready to hold you down with a “Captive Bolt Pistol”

Ghost B.C. - Infesstisumam

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Album: Infesstisumam

Artist: Ghost B.C.

Label: Loma Vista Recordings

Released: April 9th, 2013

As most of you know I am a big heavy metal fan, I love all forms but some bands I could care less about the lyrical content as long as the music is good. I am not religious, I am an Apatheist which is the disregard for the belief nor the disbelief in a creator deity, essentially Agnosticism with a more pronounced "Don't give a flying fuck" point as there are more important issues in the world today. I tend to be pretty open, I love mythology and stories about ancient aliens and stuff like that so my music usually has bands that write about those topics on top of fantasy, love, life, nature, politics etc. I tend to avoid religious bands on both spectrums Evil/Good stuff as I really don't care, dont get me wrong religion has given us great music, art, stories and culture but it can also be a heavily dangerous thing, look at things like the Crusades, the Inquisition, Jihads et all to get my point. Now and then though there are a band that create such enjoyably kick ass music that I overlook the lyrics just for the music.

Ghost B.C. as they are marketed in the U.S. released their first album Opus Eponymus back in 2010 under the name Ghost, the album sent waves in the metal underground community for their live shows, lyrics and the music they play. Ghost B.C. (they claim the B.C. is silent so its just said as Ghost) play a heavily proto form of metal, now im assuming a lot of you have heard Blue Oyster Cult so imagine their music with a lot of organs and carnival music, now have the band wear robs and masks on stage with their singer Papa Emeritus II dressed as a satanic Pope, singing about Satan behind that you get the bands image. Come to 2013 where the band release their second full length album on a major record label Loma Vista Recordings (A sub-label of Universal Music Group) and it sends even more waves, now take into effect the band also managed to gain a spot at Coachella and the image takes off. 

(I will anglicize the names of the latin tracks for meaning)

The music overall is a catchy rocky-pop metal outing, very 70's prog rock in aspect. The guitars have that 70's fuzzy sound, there are a lot of keyboards and organs, the vocalist has great pitch and the drumming is...fucking great to be honest. The album kicks off with the near 2 minute opening track Infesstisumam (Most Hostile), the first 30 seconds or so are just a church choir singing in latin about Satan and Hell then it kicks into a rocking track for the remainder. You know what you are in for after this for another 46 minutes, Infesstisumam leads right into Per Aspera ad Inferni (Through the Rough To the Grave) and kicks it off with a simple guitar riff for the initial 9 seconds then those drums and bass kick right in. The track has a very rocking feel to it, and Papa Emeritus II has one of the cleanest voices I have heard, its really soothing, and the lyrics are catchy as all hell. The next track, which was also the lead single off of the album, Secular Haze, kicks off with carnival music then the band fully catches up. Now it may have just been me but the opening guitar riff for Secular Haze reminded me of Opeth's The Drapery Falls in its execution so it threw me off quite a bit. After about a minute Papa begins singing, the chorus is catchy as all hell but other than that it is actually a weak track overall the drumming though is fan-fucking-tastic.

Jigolo Har Megiddo is the most flat out rock track of the album, and probably the best on here performance wise. The verses are catchy, the keyboards don't overpower the guitars and the drums and bass fill out the overall greatly. The chorus is hooky and short, and the guitar solo is REALLY freaking melodic, I was humming it as I was listening to it. After this we are followed with a two part song called Ghuleh/Zombie Queen, the first half of the song is a really soft piano led fare that reminded me a lot of some jazz acts, the second song is much more rocking and it threw me off at first but also became one of the strongest tracks on the album. Year Zero begins the first minute chanting various demon names then kicks into the verse, this song is atypical satanic song as the song is about the weakness of mankind and it will burn once the devil comes forth, the chorus is heavy and catchy so really listen to this one for that and skip it, this is the point of the album I skipped songs because I knew of what they were due to the song, Year Zero threw me off about that, it was also the second single off the album. After Year Zero we have Body and Blood, for the most part its a harmless song, its really a zombie song in essence but with the simple vocal hooks, the easy to remember verses and the really good chorus its again a really strong song, this one I sing as I love the chorus a lot. 

Idolatrine is a mid-tempo rocker, the guitars are hidden beneath the keyboards and drums so its not really a stand out track, the second half of the song though is far better than the first half but its a bit boring, on this though you can hear some middle-eastern sounds in the music. I skipped Depth of Satan's Eyes due to the title and as I looked the lyrics up I got what I assumed so listen if you want. The technical final track on the album (the limited editions feature a cover of Abba's I Am a Marionette which is actually VERY fucking good, and a original song called La Mantra Mori which is roughly translated as The Death Chant but ill end with the regular end track) is Monstrance Clock. This one is actually a really good song, the songs rhythm has a very movement based feel to it, like its meant to be danced, could be me but it could be a DANCER HUH!? Nevermind. Anyway...

It's obvious Ghost B.C. play a style they like and write about Evil, Darkness and Satan. They have stated that it has been the intention to create really evil music with a pop style to throw people off when they realize that catchy hook they were singing was about the devil, if that was the bands true intention well fuck me it works. The gimmicks the band does though are a bit wearing, the main one is the hidden identities, all the actual musicians in the band are refered to as A Nameless Ghould and are given Alchemical symbols to differentiate them, Papa Emeritus is the only one who uses a name and even then "No One" knows who he is, its actually kind of an open secret on who he is though, and its surprising and is not. In Sweden where the band hail from there is a group for performing artists (bands, theater, etc.) called the Swedish Performing Right's Society which gives credit for writers and performers, all the bands lyrics are written by Tobias Forge, who under the Mary Goore name is also the founder of Swedish Death Metal legends Repugnant where he was vocalist and guitarist, but also had a alternative rock band called Subvision where he was vocals and guitars and his clean singing is IDENTICAL to Papa's. As the Society needs a real name behind a psuedonym Tobias publish the song and lyrics for Ghost B.C. under A Ghoul Writer. Repugnant has been on hold since 2010 when Opus Eponymous was released and Tobias has not had any real interviews to immediate knowledge.

Overall Infesstisumam is a solid Heavy Rock album, the drumming and vocals are among the most stand out of the music. Papa/Tobias has such a clean and solid vocal ability that its hard to remember what he's singing about, the issues that plague the album though is really the satanic aspects of it, I respect artistic integrity and wanton desire but whats the thing about it? Whats great about darkness, death and evil? Who knows, maybe its the taboo aspect of it, Anton LeVay spoke that his idea of Satanism was really about the independant nature of man, so maybe thats why its mankind being independant of the creator. But Humanism is that, its all the morals of religion but none of the bullshit so I have to deduct points on the superflous lyrical ideas, ive listened to death metal so I am used to songs about blood, gore, darkness, death but through that I also get politics, social issues and others so its not just the darkness about it, its about getting a message out that the world is wrong but there is still good in it.

The overall score I'll give Infesstisumam is an 8.5/10, the reasons are that the keyboards and drums overpower the guitars due to the fuzzy sound, the oft repeatable patterns in different songs and the lyrics but overall the album is solid Pop Metal, the darkness about it is what I love best though as the lyrics just throw you off if you sing them to yourself due to the catchy as hell vocal and chorus hooks, this is a reccommended pick up for any music fan, just turn your filter on and get rid of the satanic bullshit in life :D